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Sunways India Pvt Ltd. More Than 60 Years of Dedicated & Commited Effort in the Field of OPTHAMOLOGY
Sunways India Pvt. Ltd.
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Late Mr. Kantilal Shroff
In the early 1940’s Mr. Kantilal Shroff, a first generation entrepreneur, set out for his “Tryst with Destiny”. Thus can be traced the origins of SUNWAYS. Being a young, ambitious and enterprising individual, Kantibhai, as he was fondly known to his friends as well as his contemporaries, reached Mumbai “The City of Dreams”.

With a strong desire to do something different from the family profession, he worked tirelessly to pursue his dream of building an empire which he could proudly call his own.

Having a strong inclination towards the Pharmaceutical arena for a long time, it was only natural that he would start a Pharmaceutical Company.  Thus initially partnering with close friends he set up a factory to manufacture medicines.  In 1951 he laid the foundation of SUNWAYS with a small manufacturing unit at Goregaon, a  suburb of Mumbai.  And due to his close ties with renowned Ophthalmologists of his time they suggested to branch out in the niche market of Ophthalmology. 

It was because of the vision of our dear founder, Late Mr. Kantilal Shroff, who dared to tread the path others feared to set foot on, the journey of SUNWAYS began. Today, after over 60 years and having achieved many a milestones in the field of ophthalmology, SUNWAYS is a synonym with eye care in India.
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