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Sunways India Pvt Ltd. More Than 60 Years of Dedicated & Commited Effort in the Field of OPTHAMOLOGY
Sunways India Pvt. Ltd.

SUNWAYS is a large family of 400+ work force Pan India. The work force contribute their best in the area of Production, Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Distribution & Marketing. Their dedication, knowledge and experience has immensely contributed to the success of SUNWAYS. The insatiable thirst of our employees’ for improvement forms the backbone of Quality of SUNWAYS’s Products.

As an organization we take our responsibility very seriously.  We actively engage our employees in cultivating their skills through stimulating work environment. We strongly follow employer/employee code of conduct committed to fairness, dialogue & mutual respect.  Fair remuneration, opportunities for career growth and promotion of cultural and human diversity at every level.

SUNWAYS offers a wide range of career opportunities to career oriented professional in all spheres of the activity of SUNWAYS.

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