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Sunways India Pvt Ltd. More Than 60 Years of Dedicated & Commited Effort in the Field of OPTHAMOLOGY
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Putting social responsibility ahead of business:

The state of Indian Society especially economically weaker section has become increasingly important area of focus for the corporate sector.  Although India is one of the fastest growing economies, socio-economic problems like poverty, illiteracy, lack of healthcare awareness and limited resources of Government to tackle these challenges has opened up several areas for responsible corporates to contribute towards social development. 

As a responsible business house SUNWAYS considers it a prime responsibility to give back what it has gained from the society. Under the banner of “Saksham Drishti Saksham Bharat” it has partnered with several charitable organizations and NGO’s to put social development on fast track.  To fulfil its social responsibility SUNWAYS has undertaken an ambitious project “LET THERE BE NO DARKNESS”.  Under this project, we provide free medicines, equipment and financial aid to non-profit organization for improving health, vision and education in under-served communities.

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