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RETIGRAPH - Fluorescein Injection 10% / 20%
Fluorescein Sodium IP 20% w/v
Water of injection IP q.s.
Dosage Form
Diagnostic Aid
Retigraph is a sterile solution of fluorescein sodium for use intravenously as a diagnostic aid.
Mechanism of Action
Intravenous injection of fluorescein sodium in an aqueous solution, the unbound fraction of the fluorescein can be excited with a blue light flash from a fundus camera as it circulates through the ocular vasculature, and the yellowish green fluorescence of the dye is captured by the camera. In the fundus, the fluorescence of the dye demarcates the retinal and/or choroidal vasculature under observation, distinguishing it from adjacent areas/structures.
Retigraph(fluorescein injection10% / 20%) is indicated in diagnostic fluorescein angiography or angioscopy of the retina and iris vasculature.
Inject contents of ampoule rapidly into the antecubital vein. In 9 to 14 seconds luminescence appears in the retinal & choroidal vessel which can be observed by standard viewing equipment
Adverse Effects
Care must be taken to avoid extravasation during injection as the high Ph of fluorescein solution can result in severe local tissue damage. Discontinue usage and pay medical attention if any of the following symptoms are seen in the patient, sloughing of the skin, superficial phlebitis, subcutaneous granuloma and toxic neuritis along the median curve in the antecubital area.

Complications resulting from extravasation can cause severe pain in the arm for several hours. Approproate consideration of the cardiac status of the patient must be made before administration of fluorescein sodium injection.

Caution is to be exercised when fluorescein sodium injection is administers to a pregnant or a nursing woman.

Safety and effectiveness in children have not been established.
Retigraph is available as 10 % in a 5ml ampoule- pack of 5.
Retigraph is available as 20 % in a 3ml ampoule - pack of 5.